kela kofta curry

Posted December 11, 2020

You can sometimes make banana kofta sabzi at home to change your taste. It is the best recipe to use your ripe or slightly over ripe bananas.This sabzi can be made jhatpat with the very basic spices available in every home. Bananas (raw) - 5 Gram flour (besan) - 2 tablespoon Onion [medium] (chopped) - 2 Tomato [small] (chopped) - 1 Garlic paste - 1/2 teaspoon Ginger - 1/4 teaspoon Cumin pd. .. Let’s first learn how to make Malai Kofta. malai kofta recipe | malai kofta curry | creamy kofta balls curry with step by step photo and video recipe. Kofta, You can make Malai Kofta, Aloo Kofta Curry, Matar Kofta Curry, Anjeer Kofta Curry, Kaddu Kofta Curry, Band Gobi Kofta Curry, Kela Kofta Curry, Paneer Kofta Curry, Stuffed Paneer Kofta Curry, etc. raw banana kofta curry or kachchaa kela kofta curry Raw banana kofta is a popular Indian dish consisting of banana balls.This dish is best served hot, accompanied by either a … The dumplings can be made using a variety of vegetables and some popular ones are cabbage, laucki (bottle guard), zucchini, or a potato-paneer mix. The grated raw banana-kacche kele is made into koftas and dropped in a rich onion based curry. In a bowl mash banana and potatoes together. - 1/4 teaspoon Turmeric pd. 3 nos Raw Banana (Thick and … Paka Kela Ki Sabzi- A sweet and sour curry made with Ripe banana. Every time I would make malai kofta either it was for a party get together or I would make it in the night. Home; About Us; Pricing; Services; Contact; Your Portal. Cabbage Kofta, Patta Gobhi Kofta Cabbage Koftas are fried dumplings in a variety of spicy gravies. malai or cooking cream is use heavily in many indian or particularly in the punjabi curries. Raw Banana Curry Type of Meal Mostly for dinner . in most of them it is either topped at the end of cooking or during the serving or presenting the curry. ! Garnish with cilantro. These curry is prepared during special occasions due to it’s richness. Ingredients Serving: 6 . I have had made it many times at home but never got a chance to post it up on the blog. You May Also Like : Achari Kela (Raw Banana cooked with Pickling Spices) Quick Vegetable Kurma – without coconut Spinach, Potato and Brinjal Curry Poori Kezhangu (Poori aur Aloo Masala) Pakoda Kadhi (Pakoda Curry) Raw banana kofta with tomato curry is a very yummy and palatable recipe. Recipe- Raw Banana/ Kacha kela Kofta Curry Home » All Recipes » Recipe- Raw Banana/ Kacha kela Kofta Curry Posted By Vibhuti Jain on Mar 1, 2016 in All Recipes , … Simmer it for 20-25 minutes till the gravy starts leaving oil and thickens. I made Kele Ka kofta in mustard gravy which tastes like Bengali Fish Curry. Hence, you can wet your hand when dropping each of the kofta balls into the gravy. Portal Home; Client Area; Order Now Raw banana kofta curry also known as kachche kela kofta curry or kele ke kofte, is one of popular kofta curry made with raw banana fried dumplings or kofta served with flavourful sauce. Cool, peel and mash. How to make BANANA CURRY (KELA CURRY) METHOD: Cut bananas into 1-inch slices, chop the chillies. Malai Kofta curry is a popular Punjabi dish served in the restaurants and hotels along with naan and or kulcha bread. लंच या डिनर में बनाइए कच्चे केले की कोफ्ता करी, खाकर खुश हो जाएगा दिल. At the time of serving, add koftas in the curry and serve hot. Follow the steps given below to make Banana Kofta curry … Fry for a few minutes before adding the yoghurt and garam masala. Enjoy! If you want, you can eat banana koftas in this way without even making curry. Kachchaa kela (raw banana) - 4 (boiled) shopping list Besan - 2 tbsp (optional) shopping list Dhania patta (finely chopped) - 1 tbsp shopping list

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