create reusable react component

Posted December 11, 2020

If you want to become a front-end developer or find a web development job, you would probably benefit from learning React in-depth. Create a new React Native project using expo-cli and then install the dependencies required to build this demo app. Writing reusable components in React is something every React developer care about (or should care about). Sharing is caring! How to Write Your Own Reusable React Component Library. npx create-react-app password-generator create-react-app creates a src directory. This is going to be our main reusable dialog component. We'll also add direction so that the component fades in from area to the normal position. When creating a React component, the component's name must start with an upper case letter. Reusable React dialog component. However, if you integrate React into an existing app, you might start bottom-up with a small component like Button and gradually work your way to the top of the view hierarchy. Don’t be afraid to split components into smaller components. I recently started using bit (earlier BitSrc) for creating reusable UI components. Creating a Reusable Component . In React, a component's API is its props. Create a component in Storybook. Here's how to do this - first by creating a context.js file: // context.js import React from "react"; export const ModalContext = React.createContext(); Now the updated App.js file: After completing the UI components I replace the mocked functions and props with the real thing. React Storybook: Creating Reusable Components As you can see, React Storybook is very easy to use, has a lot of options and add-ons, and gives you visibility into your library of components. Our basic component has initial values set in props, label with text displayed on the button, buttonStylewith style of component, textColor for style of text, onPressfor an action on button press. Next we add redux and react-router to our project: 1 $ npm install--save redux react-redux react-router-dom. This is the basic example of reusable React component. React components are perfect for this. 03. Wether it’s to create a toolbox of styled components, to mutualize common behaviors, etc. In this section, we will create a reusable component for input and a button. Modal Popup Component; Modal Pop up Component . My recommendation for a flexible Card component is to create a react component for each component in the Card. Creating a reusable Component Library with React, Storybook, and Webpack # tutorial # beginners # react # webpack. I’ll explain it on